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The choice of the right door does not seem to matter here below, because you get through every exit in the confusing cave system. I find one pirate hook on a skeleton (how it gets here?), which I take immediately. On the end of the many corridors i get in the part of the newer canalisation under the place of the library. Here branches the corridor in a room in which a coffin is located. Sadly the room is separeted through a grid with a rusty lock which I can't open.

After it took a long time until I have understand, how I can free the torch out of the muddy crust, I naturally want it and pull it. Well, the classic happens: it is a trap door. And the next level of the cave system is awaiting me.

The ladder in the next room that I reach leads me upstairs in the room with the floor plate with which you can not do anything else. Okay, back downstairs and go on. I get to a bridge in the underground over which a wooden stopper can be seen which I already have seen a level upwards. But I take care on it later.

After the bridge is only one room with inscriptions in it. The inscriptions describe the appearance of the grale as in my father´s diary. I come to the conclusion that either the manuscript from al-Musafir or the letter from Staubig about the book Merlins have the correct description of the grail.

To wait with the stopper was the right decision, because after I loosening him up with the hook and my whip, all the water is flowing down from the underground sea and destroys the bridge. Thereupon I go upwards and now I can advance through the drained sea in the next cave system.

There I get into a room with a wooden machinery. The machine is missing a rope that I replace with the red cord from the library and get the machine going. Something is rumbling somewhere.

With the three wooden statues I come after a little thinking behind it that maybe in the grail diary of my father something could be written. And how! The right combination of the statues opens up the door to the next to it. I am discovering a wooden bridge which I can bring in the right position with the machine I have repaired and get to the next closed door. Their opening mechanism is also explained in the diary and also a simple sound puzzle, which I can solve with the skulls in front of the door.

I am at the mysterious coffin! From the other side of grid! I open the coffin and find the second hint of the crusader. The town Alexandretta is mentioned on their ruins the town Iskenderun is build. There should we find finally the grail.

I climb out of the cave system and am expected by Elsa Schneider, who already has already searched everywhere for me, meanwhile Marcus has discovered where my father is. He is being held at Brunwald castle on the border between Austria and Germany.

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After my quite easy re-entry in the world of point-and-click adventures with Loom I did not throw myself in a new world. Actually I would be interested in the adventures from Sierra, which I did not pay much attention in my youth. But before that I will get whip swinging through the third part of Indiana Jones out of the house of LucasArts. This part is supposed to be not so easy. Especially the fightings should be difficult.

But I did not know any more, only that I have playing the beginning of this part. Why? I don't know anymore. But I have loved the fourth part and Indiana Jones as well as Star Wars always with me, I come back to my New Yorker College after my finding of the cross of Coronado and tell Marcus about it. I complete my first box training in the gym and try to get into my study room. But in my anteroom waiting not only my secretary Irene for me, but also many angry students, which are waiting for their certificates.

I am trying to calm them down and I can flee into my room after some threadbare excuses. Among the many mail on my desk hides a package that I open. Into it there is the grail diary of my father! But more is not to discover in the junk and clutter. Because I will not get through the anteroom once more, I choose the way through the window.

On the outside waiting for me two dark figures, who rudely beg me get into a waiting car. They bring me to an apartment in a skyscraper, in which a certain Walter Donovan expects me. He shows me a old broken panel, which turns out to be a sign to the grail. He assumes that the other part of the sign must be in Venice, because he has already sent there my father, who is missing since then. I should take over his position on this expedition.

Back to the college I talk to Marcus, who is telling me about a new college with the name John Reid. There is nothing more to experience and so I drive to my father´s house. He has always been a litte messy but I think that there were thiefs before me who devastated everything in search of something. When cleaning up I throw a wrongly standing book shelf around, behind which there is an adhesive strip, which I take right to me. Until I get to the point that I have to combine this strip with a bottle in my study room, it takes some time.

I have found a locked chest under a tablecloth at my father`s house to which I couldn't find a key. After I put the tape into the bottle full of solvent in my study room I get the key! In the chest was my old diary what I take.

The puzzles are a lot more difficult as in Loom and I think that I just have to combine everything with everything and especially look at everything! Look at and press and pull everything. The good old way to play point-and-click adventures. That what I have forgotten all the years. But now it's time to go to Venice!

Arrived in Venice Marcus and I are met by Dr. Elsa Schneider, who has taken researches with my father in the library. She disappears after trying to clarify with the librarian that we may stay longer. The library, which is located in an old church, closes in the next few minutes.

In the grail diary of my father I discover a window painting and the hint that I must choose the first path on the right side. So I go to the first right-hand corridor and land right in the room with exactly this window picture. Here are Roman numerals on the floor and inscriptions on the two pedestals of the two statues: II V IV und IX II V.
I take the metal post of the barrier and hit on the plate with the number V. This also dissolves and a hole is appearing.

Just in that moment a soldier stormed in, who is lured by the noise. I jump in the hole and get into a cave system. This was wrong and it takes some time that I discover that the hint in the grail diary "If you want to go inside, follow the first from the right" does not refer to the corridor, but to the first number on the inscription.

I destroy with the metal post the right plate and now I am in the catacombs of the church.

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Now I will try to kick these overrated clerics in their butts. My first try to free myself out of this prison fails because bishop Mandible has taken away my magic wand. He shows me the graveyard of the cathedral to humiliate me and if everything was planned by him, I have had showed him the spell for that! With this spell he want to pick up the deads out of her graves now to build up an army of deads. Great.

He has seen all that in the glas sphere in form of prophecies and now is only waiting, that the blacksmiths sharpen his sword that I have broken. He sends me back to prison with his servant Cob. Cob should take care of me while he is making his preperations.

There is next to a dragon the glass sphere in the prison, in which I will necessarily look into it. Cob proposes a deal for me: I can look into the sphere when I take of my hood. What an idiot! Of course there is always something true about rumors and after the cutscene and a loud scream he is gone.

I am going out to Mandible, who casts a spell in this moment. The realm of the dead opens up and a ghost appears, which is not enthusiastic. He introduces himself as Chaos and after he had kill Mandible, he sees that his chance is come to destroy the realm of the living. I do not agree with that and take my magic wand but I am scared of the escaped dragon in the next moment and I fall into the real of the dead.

Here I am seeing holes everywhere that lead to the realm of the living and in the first hole I meet the ghost of Rusty. Together we recognize that the dead are wandering slowly in this world and also attacked and taken the town of the blacksmiths. I can only apologize for my mishaps to Rusty constantly and at the beginning of the atonement I bring him to life. I seem to be very powerful!

I get through another portal to the shepherds who have already been attacked by the deads. I am helping here with a spell too and healing all wounded and awaken the deads to live. Fleece is thankful und promises this never to forget.

But also not only here, but also in the city of glass the dead seems to have been. The wounded Crucible tells me, that Chaos stole the sharpened scythe. I cannot achieve more, he wants to die and so I will not healing him. I am wandering around in the realm of the dead and I get to a lake where many white swans romp. Are this the eldars of my guild?

A great white swan gives to recognize as my mother, what I can believe in the beginning. She tells me that Hetcher has gone to the island of the weavers to destroy the great loom. Chaos wants to get behind his secret to mess up the fabric of the world.
My birth mother gives me the tip that i have to close the holes between the worlds of the dead and the living before I make my way to put Chaos back in his place.

After I have done that I leave to my homeland. Arrived in the big hall of the weavers, I see how Chaos is hunting Hetchel around the loom. She is yelling at me that I must destroy the loom, but I don't know the right spell! Chaos tries to seduce me: I will become his consultant when I swear him faithful following. I politely decline and just as Hetchel wants explain to me how I have to destroy the loom, Chaos silences her with a curse.

His spell can still be heard as echo in the loom and so can I free Hetchel from her curse. She tries to distract Chaos, who transforms her into a roast. But now I know how I get to the spells, I can save her again. This time she is not waiting and betrayals me the spell to destroy the loom. Not a second too late, then chaos defeats her finally!

I use the spell on the loom and a big hole to the hereafter is opening where my mother is coming out. I transform to a swan with the last spell and together with the other swans we tear the hole to the hereafter in the air and bring it to the end of the world.

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A dragon who has fear for fire! Such a thing there is only in stories! Okay, there was something...
This thing out of the world of saga is not much threatening, nevertheless he don't want that I will ever left his cave. Noneoftheless he tells me that a magician wanted to free the treasure a long time ago and he has triggerd an earthquake in the vulcano, which has burried the biggest part of the treasure.
Also a sphere of glass is still lost at this. Damn.

Out of frustration, bordeom or still to annoy the dragon, I transform his treasure in a pile of straw und let him fell asleep. But I don't have expected that the dragon will breath so hard and set the pile of straw in fire! And because of that his tail catches fire he wakes up, is frightened und flys away. Alright, so can I perhaps try to flee out of the cave.

Having learned a lot of spells, I can overcome the darkness and leave the confusing cave system. Underneath the mountain I met a sleeping boy on a graveyard, whom I wake up. His name is Wellwrought "Rusty" Nailbender, he belongs to the guild of blacksmiths and he was supposed to collect firewood. Well, in the barren landscape, I would not have found anything there. He shows me his hometown Forge and must me tell that he has also not seen any swans. Anyway, he has sleeping deep and firm! He wants to continue his nap.


I am get up to the town of blacksmiths, but they are not so friendly and I am made clear before closed doors that I have no business here. Even after I have opened the door with a spell, I get caught and rudely stuffed out of town. So I must seek out for another way into it. I go back to the sleeping boy and transform me into him with a spell I've learned in the dragon cave. That's how I get into the town and learn that I (the boy) was seeked by a man called Stove.

This one seems to be my teacher, who has sent me on the search of firewood. He is very angry, that I come back with empty hands because the fire of the forge wants to be maintained. The clerics have also give a great contract to the guild of blacksmiths and they seem to be behind his fulfillment. Stove spottes my wooden magic wand, which he takes me right away and throws me out of frustration and anger into prison.

Meanwhile, the dragon calmed down and is looking for me. He is discovering Rusty on the graveyard, with whom I have changed the external appearance. Still sleeping. Suddenly I am transforming back. It must something happened to Rusty!
And really: after the forgemaster have thrown my magic wand into the fire you see the spirit of the dead Rusty opens angry a portal to the hereafter. Just in the moment the portal is closing my foster mother Hetchel, still in the form of a little black swan, slips on this side.

On the seek after me, she sees the smoke signals in the smoke of the smiths that the flaming magic wand emits. She flies to the fireplace, discovering the magic wand and get it out of the fire. Why she does not stay, after she pushed the pole under the door in my prison and I could free me, remains a mystery to me.
I am get up, to escape from this town and get on my flight into a huge hall, where a cleric is speaking to the master of the guild. The masters of the blacksmiths are about to complete their assignment and are sharpening the last swords.

Naughty as I am, I let the last sword in the blacksmith's hand dull again. Unfortunately the cleric is discovering me and lets me arrest and bring me to his cathedrale. First in the captivity of a dragon and now in that of bishop Mandible. Looking forward, how I would escape this time.

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If I don't remembering wrong was "Maniac Mansion" the first point-and-click adventure I've played. The way like the tale was presented and how to be part of the story blew me away. Even the humor could pick up my eleven-year-old pretty good.

After that I have played so far every adventure from LucasArts: The Secret of Monkey Island and his successors (but not the fourth part, that was cruel), Indiana Jones IV (the third part I have played only partial), Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max. Full Throttle and Grim Fandango have I played only partial, there were other genres my favourites in this times.

And now I'll catch up all unplayed adventures. Not only the ones from LucasArts, but also the other great series amongst others from Sierra. I'll beginn with Loom, because I was always fascinated of its look. I've been searching for the EGA version and did not find it. I've found the VGA version with speech output at But after the first playing I've noticed that many movie sequences with their informations for the story are missing. And so I got the "FM Towns" version, which has no speech output, but a beautiful soundtrack and also the vga graphics.

At the beginning of the game in the role of Bobbin Threadbare you are faced with accomplished facts: my foster mother is held accountable by the elders of the weavers guild, because she had told me the secrets of weavering. And appearantly I play a important role, because the elders have always thought that with me the chaos was coming to their island. They transfrom my foster mother into a swan egg and if that was not enough, appears in this moment a white swan to enchant the elders also in swans, which then disappear in another dimension. I try to discover my foster mother out of the egg with a pole that have the elders been left, which only works half way: she remains a little black swan. She tells me, that I must flee from the island and discover my secret to stop the chaos in form of the third shadow.

I explore the abandoned island and finally escape with a tree trunk to the mainland. I recognize a green city behind the beach that seems to be completely made of glass. I can listen to a conversation, in which a likely famous magician tells something about looking in the future. This seems to work with some sort of sphere of glass, but it still needs to be improved. In another conversation the story of the town was brought closer to me: a dragon attacked it centuries ago and take all treasures away. Only one piece, the Conundrum, has been preserved. But it is made of diamant and not of glass, which could nobody explain.


After I was able to evict the patrol of the shepherds in the woods, who did not want to let me pass, I meet Fleece, the leader of the shepherds. She held me for a great magician, she has called after. She tells me from the clerics, who want ten thousand sheeps from the shepherds to feed an army. The dragon was also by the shepherds and had eaten many sheeps. The shepherds are desperate and demand a solution from me. I colorize their sheeps with a magical scroll, so the dragon can only hardly regocnize them on the grass. Just in this moment appears the dragon and he grabs me instead of a sheep and kidnaps me in his cave. And so I am sitting here now.


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Not only that all in the past was better. No. Computer games were even better in the past! This seems to me in that way and may also be romantically transfigured, but from a game like Red Dead Redemption 2, with a Metacritic score about 97 and a user score about 7.7 actually, I have more excepted.

I have expected more than a admittedly beautiful looking game world. More than a dozen game mechanics, which exists side by side and have way too few points of contact and impact. But I don't want talk about the newest game from Rockstar at this place, because I have bought a tremendous book a few weeks ago, that has excited me not only with its layout, but also has taken me back to my youth.

Bitmap Books is a publisher in England and has published a book about the legendary era of point-and-click graphic adventures: The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games. On about over 460 pages in a hardcover (there is a PDF, but you must hold this book in your hands!) with many screenshots it tells the story of the adventures in the form of interviews with the developers, graphic artists und producers of that time.

And because I am bored about current games, I have something in my mind. I do not feel like playing more open-world games that annoying me with more and more mechanics and breaking off their story with picking some flowers or first-person shooters that will save their boring presentation with loot boxes. I will catch up with a lot of adventure games back than that I've always wanted to play and haven't played in the past: Loom, Kings, Space and Police Quest. Leisure Suit Larry, Legend of Kyrandia, Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a steel sky and what they are called.

All the classics, you should have seen, will I maybe play through. Without hints and solutions, the tough puzzles of that time, without me having to explain a tutorial, how I have to comine things. And I will start with Loom. The CD version from 1992 with VGA grapics.

My kids playing Clash Royale and I didn't like this game from the beginning. It started with it that I have held the partition of the game board for a poor copy of the start szenario of Warhammer and it ended with the unspeakable lootboxes. There is nothing worse than lootboxes and I can understand them from the business view, that they integrate this mechanic in many AAA games, but I think it's unbearable from a player´s point of view.

Therfore I did not get warm with this game. But I must look at "Age of Sigmar: Realm war" because of the setting and my slowly growing love to "Warhammer: Age of Sigmar". Even if it was clear at the first game, that it was only a complete clone of "Clash Royale", i wanted to understand the game mechanics.

But I have done one condition: there will no money spend to run faster through the game. Even if I find it stupid, because I am software developer on my own and would like to be rewarded for my work. But I also do not develop "pay-to-win" games.

I am a bit disentchanted after the first days, because once you have looked through the game mechanics, you relaize, that there is no more ingame deepth. You are creating your deck, evaluating different combinations, you have seen by your enemies, that have beaten you hard and through the lootbox mechanic you are forced every few hours to open the comets/boxes to get new cards.

Meanwhile my character is near before level 6, I am standing at the entry in the fourth world and I think that I will play the game a little bit fourther. But not more.

Auf Twitter wird gerade der Hashtag #gamestruck4 durch die Welt gejagt. Man soll in einem Tweet die vier Spiele benennen, die einen beeinflusst haben. Das ist verdammt nochmal total schwierig!

Wenn ich da auch nur kurz drüber nachdenke, komme ich vom Hölzchen aufs Stöckchen und ich müsste mir eigentlich ein Ranking einfallen lassen, um das wirklich beantworten zu können, ohne dass mir im selben Moment noch weitere Spiele einfallen, die es mehr verdient hätten, meine größten Influencer gewesen zu sein.

Wo fängt man da überhaupt an? Beim 086er, der bei meinem Vater im Büro stand? Beim C64? Beim NES des Kumpels? Und dann? Die ganzen Spiele, die man auf dem C64 gezockt hat, auf dem Amiga, dann meine (gefühlt goldene) Zeit in der Jugend, in der man alles gespielt hat, was nicht bei drei installiert war. Oder später, wenn man aufgrund Zeitmangels noch selektiv Spiele gespielt hat?

Es wird Zeit für eine Liste.

Die Zeiten, als ich mit Hardware beschäftigt habe und genau wußte, welche Grafikkarte, welches Mainboard und welcher RAM gerade der heisseste Scheiss sind, sind schon lange vorbei. Mit Einzug von Apple-Geräten und auch dem Abflauen des Apple-Hypes, in dem man sich noch jede Keynote angeschaut hat, besteht die Notwendigkeit, sich mit diesen Themen zu beschäftigen, nicht mehr. Apple-Geräte sind einfach viel zu teuer, haben selten die neueste Technologie verbaut, funktionieren aber.

Früher hat man bestimmt auch den ein oder anderen Bekannten gehabt, der immer die neuesten Software-Cracks hatte, seine PlayStation 1 mit einem Mod-Chip versehen hat und sich Spiele aus der Videothek auslieh, um sie schnell zu brennen und einfach nur zu sammeln.

Der Wired-Artikel "The teens who hacked Microsoft´s Xbox empire" beschäftigt sich mit dieser Szene und einem speziellen Hacker, dessen Geschichte damals irgendwie an mir vorbeiging. Lag wahrscheinlich daran, dass ich noch nie eine Microsoft-Konsole mein Eigen nannte (PlayStations waren schon immer besser! ;-) ).

Dann gibt es noch ein Interview mit Matthias Schreiber, dem Geschäftsführer der TYPO3 GmbH, in dem man es in erster Linie um die Entwicklung und Ziele von TYPO3 9 geht. Sehr lesenswert.

Seit ein paar Tagen spiele ich wieder Pokémon Go. Das hört sich jetzt eher wie eine Entschuldigung an und nicht wie eine Empfehlung, es mir gleich zu tun. Die kann ich auch nicht aussprechen, denn in dem knappen 3/4 Jahr, in dem ich nicht gespielt habe, hat sich nicht viel an der Spielmechanik getan, dass es mich länger packen würde. Oder ich verstehe es nicht.

Mehr als Pokéstops abklappern, hier und da immer die gleichen Pokémons einsammeln und ab und zu eine Arena übernehmen gibt das Spiel nicht her. Zwar hat Niantec mit den Raids versucht, das Gefühl des Zusammenspiels mit Freunden oder anderen Mitspielern zu fördern, aber mehr als eine Erweiterung des bekannten Arena-Kampfes ist das auch nicht.

Und nur weil man jetzt noch mehr Pokémons sammeln kann zieht mich das Spiel leider auch nicht tiefer in den Bann. Dafür scheint mein "Jäger und Sammler"-Trieb einfach nicht ausgeprägt genug zu sein.