In the past was more adventure

Not only that all in the past was better. No. Computer games were even better in the past! This seems to me in that way and may also be romantically transfigured, but from a game like Red Dead Redemption 2, with a Metacritic score about 97 and a user score about 7.7 actually, I have more excepted.

I have expected more than a admittedly beautiful looking game world. More than a dozen game mechanics, which exists side by side and have way too few points of contact and impact. But I don't want talk about the newest game from Rockstar at this place, because I have bought a tremendous book a few weeks ago, that has excited me not only with its layout, but also has taken me back to my youth.

Bitmap Books is a publisher in England and has published a book about the legendary era of point-and-click graphic adventures: The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games. On about over 460 pages in a hardcover (there is a PDF, but you must hold this book in your hands!) with many screenshots it tells the story of the adventures in the form of interviews with the developers, graphic artists und producers of that time.

And because I am bored about current games, I have something in my mind. I do not feel like playing more open-world games that annoying me with more and more mechanics and breaking off their story with picking some flowers or first-person shooters that will save their boring presentation with loot boxes. I will catch up with a lot of adventure games back than that I've always wanted to play and haven't played in the past: Loom, Kings, Space and Police Quest. Leisure Suit Larry, Legend of Kyrandia, Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a steel sky and what they are called.

All the classics, you should have seen, will I maybe play through. Without hints and solutions, the tough puzzles of that time, without me having to explain a tutorial, how I have to comine things. And I will start with Loom. The CD version from 1992 with VGA grapics.


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