Loom (Part 2)

A dragon who has fear for fire! Such a thing there is only in stories! Okay, there was something...
This thing out of the world of saga is not much threatening, nevertheless he don't want that I will ever left his cave. Noneoftheless he tells me that a magician wanted to free the treasure a long time ago and he has triggerd an earthquake in the vulcano, which has burried the biggest part of the treasure.
Also a sphere of glass is still lost at this. Damn.

Out of frustration, bordeom or still to annoy the dragon, I transform his treasure in a pile of straw und let him fell asleep. But I don't have expected that the dragon will breath so hard and set the pile of straw in fire! And because of that his tail catches fire he wakes up, is frightened und flys away. Alright, so can I perhaps try to flee out of the cave.

Having learned a lot of spells, I can overcome the darkness and leave the confusing cave system. Underneath the mountain I met a sleeping boy on a graveyard, whom I wake up. His name is Wellwrought "Rusty" Nailbender, he belongs to the guild of blacksmiths and he was supposed to collect firewood. Well, in the barren landscape, I would not have found anything there. He shows me his hometown Forge and must me tell that he has also not seen any swans. Anyway, he has sleeping deep and firm! He wants to continue his nap.


I am get up to the town of blacksmiths, but they are not so friendly and I am made clear before closed doors that I have no business here. Even after I have opened the door with a spell, I get caught and rudely stuffed out of town. So I must seek out for another way into it. I go back to the sleeping boy and transform me into him with a spell I've learned in the dragon cave. That's how I get into the town and learn that I (the boy) was seeked by a man called Stove.

This one seems to be my teacher, who has sent me on the search of firewood. He is very angry, that I come back with empty hands because the fire of the forge wants to be maintained. The clerics have also give a great contract to the guild of blacksmiths and they seem to be behind his fulfillment. Stove spottes my wooden magic wand, which he takes me right away and throws me out of frustration and anger into prison.

Meanwhile, the dragon calmed down and is looking for me. He is discovering Rusty on the graveyard, with whom I have changed the external appearance. Still sleeping. Suddenly I am transforming back. It must something happened to Rusty!
And really: after the forgemaster have thrown my magic wand into the fire you see the spirit of the dead Rusty opens angry a portal to the hereafter. Just in the moment the portal is closing my foster mother Hetchel, still in the form of a little black swan, slips on this side.

On the seek after me, she sees the smoke signals in the smoke of the smiths that the flaming magic wand emits. She flies to the fireplace, discovering the magic wand and get it out of the fire. Why she does not stay, after she pushed the pole under the door in my prison and I could free me, remains a mystery to me.
I am get up, to escape from this town and get on my flight into a huge hall, where a cleric is speaking to the master of the guild. The masters of the blacksmiths are about to complete their assignment and are sharpening the last swords.

Naughty as I am, I let the last sword in the blacksmith's hand dull again. Unfortunately the cleric is discovering me and lets me arrest and bring me to his cathedrale. First in the captivity of a dragon and now in that of bishop Mandible. Looking forward, how I would escape this time.

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