Loom (Part 3)

Now I will try to kick these overrated clerics in their butts. My first try to free myself out of this prison fails because bishop Mandible has taken away my magic wand. He shows me the graveyard of the cathedral to humiliate me and if everything was planned by him, I have had showed him the spell for that! With this spell he want to pick up the deads out of her graves now to build up an army of deads. Great.

He has seen all that in the glas sphere in form of prophecies and now is only waiting, that the blacksmiths sharpen his sword that I have broken. He sends me back to prison with his servant Cob. Cob should take care of me while he is making his preperations.

There is next to a dragon the glass sphere in the prison, in which I will necessarily look into it. Cob proposes a deal for me: I can look into the sphere when I take of my hood. What an idiot! Of course there is always something true about rumors and after the cutscene and a loud scream he is gone.

I am going out to Mandible, who casts a spell in this moment. The realm of the dead opens up and a ghost appears, which is not enthusiastic. He introduces himself as Chaos and after he had kill Mandible, he sees that his chance is come to destroy the realm of the living. I do not agree with that and take my magic wand but I am scared of the escaped dragon in the next moment and I fall into the real of the dead.

Here I am seeing holes everywhere that lead to the realm of the living and in the first hole I meet the ghost of Rusty. Together we recognize that the dead are wandering slowly in this world and also attacked and taken the town of the blacksmiths. I can only apologize for my mishaps to Rusty constantly and at the beginning of the atonement I bring him to life. I seem to be very powerful!

I get through another portal to the shepherds who have already been attacked by the deads. I am helping here with a spell too and healing all wounded and awaken the deads to live. Fleece is thankful und promises this never to forget.

But also not only here, but also in the city of glass the dead seems to have been. The wounded Crucible tells me, that Chaos stole the sharpened scythe. I cannot achieve more, he wants to die and so I will not healing him. I am wandering around in the realm of the dead and I get to a lake where many white swans romp. Are this the eldars of my guild?

A great white swan gives to recognize as my mother, what I can believe in the beginning. She tells me that Hetcher has gone to the island of the weavers to destroy the great loom. Chaos wants to get behind his secret to mess up the fabric of the world.
My birth mother gives me the tip that i have to close the holes between the worlds of the dead and the living before I make my way to put Chaos back in his place.

After I have done that I leave to my homeland. Arrived in the big hall of the weavers, I see how Chaos is hunting Hetchel around the loom. She is yelling at me that I must destroy the loom, but I don't know the right spell! Chaos tries to seduce me: I will become his consultant when I swear him faithful following. I politely decline and just as Hetchel wants explain to me how I have to destroy the loom, Chaos silences her with a curse.

His spell can still be heard as echo in the loom and so can I free Hetchel from her curse. She tries to distract Chaos, who transforms her into a roast. But now I know how I get to the spells, I can save her again. This time she is not waiting and betrayals me the spell to destroy the loom. Not a second too late, then chaos defeats her finally!

I use the spell on the loom and a big hole to the hereafter is opening where my mother is coming out. I transform to a swan with the last spell and together with the other swans we tear the hole to the hereafter in the air and bring it to the end of the world.

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