Oh my shell!

For me is the most important tool after a development environment a well functional shell. Without these I couldn't do many things in my daily workflow. Sure are there actually for all commands, you are fireing in a shell, in one or another a replacement in form of a grapical interface or in an integration for a IDE, but these are either complicated to configure or have in the most cases only a small part of the necessary commands or parameters.

The times when such a shell only consisted of a blinking cursor, one had difficult remember the syntax of commands and they were not integrated in the workflow, are over. With "Oh My Zsh" exists a "configuration" framework that let no wishes open, because you can extend it yourself.

Though you can Oh My Zsh also use in the terminal of macOS, but while you are at it, you can also install a replacement: iterm2. A replacement for the macOS terminal, which, in addition to a search, profiles and a history is configurable of its myriad parameters, so you can open it like the terminal from Quake. What more do you want?


You should first install Homebrew first, after that you can with

brew cask install iterm2

install iterm. And then install "Oh My Zsh" with the follwing command:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL raw.github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/master/tools/install.sh)"


Let us pretty up iTerm2: material design colors, "Quake style" shortcut and a better readable font.

You can download the color profile for the material design colors here and import and select it in the preferences under "Profiles > Colors" in the selectbox in the bottom right.

To let open the terminal window like the terminal in Quake from the top, you must create a new profile on the panel "Profiles" with similar settings you can see in the image. The most important setting is at "Style" the value "Full-Width Top of Screen".

You must define a shortcut on the panel "Keys" in the section "Hotkey Window" and then there a only a few fonts are missing that you can download here on GitHub. I am using for all windows following font

12pt Meslo LG M DZ Regular for Powerline

The we come to "Oh My Zsh", that you can easily configure with a text file. Simply run following command in iTerm2 oder open the file in an editor of your choice:

vi ~/.zshrc

Beside the theme (I am using "awesomepanda") you can install a lot of plugins, they provide a lot of useful shortcuts and tools, in the well documented file. You can see a list here, which tools are available. I am using following configuration:


Otherwise, it is worth it, to create shortcut/alias for commands in this file. You can see which one are active with the command "alias".


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