Roleplaying games have always been my hobby somehow. My "Pen & Paper" time is also eons ago, in which we enthusiastically first played Das Schwarze Auge and AD&D and then, in addition to Shadworun, Star Wars (yes, there really was once a roleplaying system for), Plush, Power and Plunder also passed stat battles with the Rolemaster rulebook. And there have always been roleplaying games on the computer. On the C64 I had little contact with it, although there were games like Bards Tale. But the fascination really came with the first part of the Sternenschweif trilogy of the Das Schwarze Auge or with the Pool of Radiance series, which was played on the IBM PC.

But I also loved the Ultima series (especially Ultima VII). And actually wanted to play that again. But it's aged really badly. Above all, you just can't read the yellow text on the background anymore without panicking that you'll have to get new glasses at the optician in the next few days. But on the pile of shame of never finished games, there's also the successor Ultima VIII Pagan. Although the game didn't get good reviews because of its game mechanics, I still remember how I spent nights playing it. And I cursed when I had to master another jump'n'run passage.

I'll see how far I get this time.


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