Piste music

I am listening music during snowboarding. Yes, I know, it is in the same way stupid like listening music when you are cycling, that's because hearing snow groomers behind crests or wannabe carvers, they come unexpected from the side and don't have their sport utilities under control. But somehow it does not work without it und I have every year a playlist that mostly consists of up tempo songs of the genres New York Hardcore, Skatepunk and Metal.

This year there will probably one song more often on my ears: "Is this love..?" from Spidergawd. @webrocker have mentioned this song in a tweet and since then I am listening to all the albums of this norwegian band up and down. Not only that the guitar with support of the alt saxophon remembers Kyuss, but also that the powerful drumset let my pulse gone up to 250. How this guy rides over his Hi-Toms, TomToms and Floor Toms is awesome! Listening and fall in love: "Is this love..?" on YouTube.


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