Indiana Jones III (Part 1)

After my quite easy re-entry in the world of point-and-click adventures with Loom I did not throw myself in a new world. Actually I would be interested in the adventures from Sierra, which I did not pay much attention in my youth. But before that I will get whip swinging through the third part of Indiana Jones out of the house of LucasArts. This part is supposed to be not so easy. Especially the fightings should be difficult.

But I did not know any more, only that I have playing the beginning of this part. Why? I don't know anymore. But I have loved the fourth part and Indiana Jones as well as Star Wars always with me, I come back to my New Yorker College after my finding of the cross of Coronado and tell Marcus about it. I complete my first box training in the gym and try to get into my study room. But in my anteroom waiting not only my secretary Irene for me, but also many angry students, which are waiting for their certificates.

I am trying to calm them down and I can flee into my room after some threadbare excuses. Among the many mail on my desk hides a package that I open. Into it there is the grail diary of my father! But more is not to discover in the junk and clutter. Because I will not get through the anteroom once more, I choose the way through the window.

On the outside waiting for me two dark figures, who rudely beg me get into a waiting car. They bring me to an apartment in a skyscraper, in which a certain Walter Donovan expects me. He shows me a old broken panel, which turns out to be a sign to the grail. He assumes that the other part of the sign must be in Venice, because he has already sent there my father, who is missing since then. I should take over his position on this expedition.

Back to the college I talk to Marcus, who is telling me about a new college with the name John Reid. There is nothing more to experience and so I drive to my father´s house. He has always been a litte messy but I think that there were thiefs before me who devastated everything in search of something. When cleaning up I throw a wrongly standing book shelf around, behind which there is an adhesive strip, which I take right to me. Until I get to the point that I have to combine this strip with a bottle in my study room, it takes some time.

I have found a locked chest under a tablecloth at my father`s house to which I couldn't find a key. After I put the tape into the bottle full of solvent in my study room I get the key! In the chest was my old diary what I take.

The puzzles are a lot more difficult as in Loom and I think that I just have to combine everything with everything and especially look at everything! Look at and press and pull everything. The good old way to play point-and-click adventures. That what I have forgotten all the years. But now it's time to go to Venice!

Arrived in Venice Marcus and I are met by Dr. Elsa Schneider, who has taken researches with my father in the library. She disappears after trying to clarify with the librarian that we may stay longer. The library, which is located in an old church, closes in the next few minutes.

In the grail diary of my father I discover a window painting and the hint that I must choose the first path on the right side. So I go to the first right-hand corridor and land right in the room with exactly this window picture. Here are Roman numerals on the floor and inscriptions on the two pedestals of the two statues: II V IV und IX II V.
I take the metal post of the barrier and hit on the plate with the number V. This also dissolves and a hole is appearing.

Just in that moment a soldier stormed in, who is lured by the noise. I jump in the hole and get into a cave system. This was wrong and it takes some time that I discover that the hint in the grail diary "If you want to go inside, follow the first from the right" does not refer to the corridor, but to the first number on the inscription.

I destroy with the metal post the right plate and now I am in the catacombs of the church.

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