RSS is alive

Yesterday I´ve read the comment on Heise about dying of RSS with wonder. How often has RSS already died? With the loss of Google Reader in the middle of 2013 was RSS brought to grave. Sure, this was a big break and since then RSS or the clients are not developing much. Also the development of my favourite client Fever was dropped.

But in my filter bubble is RSS not dead. My lawn is dead, as you can see in the photo above. RSS was not successful in his form, but the idea behind is not more as the subscribing of an Facebook channel, only that you will get a filtered version and not the articles in a chronolocial order.

Maybe there must be more advertising for RSS? I am developing a TYPO3 extension since a few time, which has similiar features like Fever. Because Fever was the best solution for me. It was self hosted, the data stayed with me and there were apps on iOS (and Android probably too) that could connect to the Fever API.

The articles from me can be fetched via RSS by the way. You can get the german articles under the url and the english translation under



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