Blogging with TYPO3

Comparisons between content management systems are a dime a dozen, so I don't want to make another one now. Especially because I find it hard to create an appealing comparison without a specific problem.

So let's assume that we already have a TYPO3 installation and the desire arose to integrate a blog into a site as well. Simplifying and to make it easier to follow, this installation uses bk2k/bootstrap-package with its own template extension (where does the term SitePackage actually come from? In the ext_emconf there is "template" in the parameter "category", isn't there?).

After installing the blog extension of TYPO3 GmbH, you simply follow the setup wizard from the documentation and integrate the whole thing into your template extension with a little TypoScript and TsConfig. All this takes no more than a quarter of an hour if you are a bit familiar with the backend. And it's not worse than installing and configuring any other blog software.

Afterwards you get a page structure in which you can let off steam. In which you can edit pages and their content as you are used to with TYPO3. Content that can be used in multiple languages, an instance in which you can maintain other pages/domains with completely different content in addition to this blog. Together with many other users, if you want. Draw from the pool of a thousand other extensions to prepare and present your content.

Sure, maybe I'm biased, since I've been working with this system for a decade and a half, but I don't know why it's hard to install TYPO3, the bootstrap-package and the blog-extension via composer and then let the wizard create the page structure. A WordPress installation takes just as long and provides me at first also no more functions. Sure, as soon as I then somewhere from a theme with such a page editor reingklicken have, which admittedly really creates any technically uninitiated, WordPress has perhaps its advantages in terms of design. You can see it on this page (I'm just not a pixel pusher ;-) ).

And now I have yet brought in a comparison...


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